<DKIM> Sync deleted emails with Gmail

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Sun Aug 14 12:40:30 BST 2016

On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 12:41:35PM +0200, Wojciech ┼╗uk wrote:

>    Hi,


>    I have problem, I use Gmail to collect e-mails from my 3 external
>    accounts. So I created fo every account in gmail labels with
>    accountname\Inbox accountname\Sent and every of these folders are
>    synchronised two-way without problem.
>    Problem is with deleting email, when I delete message of any on my
>    external account using mail client (thunerbird, outlook), after
>    synchronisation message is deleted from it's corresponding folder name on
>    Gmail, but it stay in Gmail\All Mail.

>    Because on Gmail only messages moved to Gmail\Trash are truly deleted.

Didn't know this. I thought Gmail\All Mail would keep all emails
whatever is done.

>    I don't know how to resolve this problem, resolution could be to move
>    Trash messages from these three accounts but only one way and append (not
>    delete exsisting) it to Gmail\Trash. Then deleted messages on e-mail
>    clients would be also deleted from Gmail\All Mail.
>    could anyone help with that?

This would be a new feature since it's not implemented.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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