Sorting emails into monthly folders nanooq at
Mon Jan 18 17:21:27 GMT 2016

Hello all, 

how do I sort emails into monthly folders?

Please point me in the right direction / to the right howto. 

More than 5 years ago, I installed offlineimap to handle 5 IMAP-hosts and after a short configuration it just worked - including TLS and all. Now I have more than 8 GB of email and I want to "modularize" my email-infrastructure.

As I rarely need emails older than 6 months, how do I just archive them away?
The "all e-mails in their monthly folder"-approach seems to be a good idea, right? Is there a howto explaining the sorting of loads of emails years after the initial offlineimap set up?

Thank you very much in advance, 


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