<DKIM> Help for sync google to google nested on a folder

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Wed May 11 16:39:08 BST 2016

Please, cc the mailing list.

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 04:52:41PM +0200, 101passi wrote:

>    Dear Nicolas,
>        thank you very much for your answer.
>    So if get it right, I can't use NAMETRANS->python rewrite function to add
>    a path, forth and back, to mails "folders".
>    Do you have a suggestion of where I can better understand such limitation?
>    (maybe tied to the folder level?)

The main issue is not much about nesting. There are expectations all
over the code that the local Maildir is mapped to one remote.

Offlineimap makes assumptions on the filnenames and handle a cache about
what is the state of the previous sync. Having more than one remote
would break those assumptions.

>                                      So I can try to find a workaround.

The best workaround I can think of is syncing each account to its own
local Maildir and running a script to "merge" the local copies. This is
a bit trickier than it looks at first glance because of the filename
assumptions. Filenames won't be the same in both local Maildir and
emails must be renamed when added in a Maildir (whatever they are new or


Nicolas Sebrecht

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