config for ideal setup?

Paul Wise pabs3 at
Wed Sep 28 10:22:06 BST 2016

Hi all,

I've been trying and failing to get the right configuration for my
ideal mail setup, which goes something like this:

 * A daemon that starts up and connects to the IMAP server
 * Starts listening for changes to the IMAP side via IDLE and the
   Maildir side via inotify/fanotify
 * Scans existing Maildirs/IMAP folders and syncs them also while
   simultaneously pushing changes from IMAP/Maildir to the other side
 * When scanning is done stays open and continues to push changes from
   IMAP/Maildir to the other side
 * Asynchronously runs mail indexing hooks in quiet periods
 * When SIGTERM/etc are recieved, finishes off changes and exit.

Does offlineimap offer anything like this?

For some other purposes I also want something like the save-and-delete
POP3 but for IMAP. Is that available with offlineimap?

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