[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v7.1.0 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Sat Apr 15 23:43:01 BST 2017

OfflineIMAP v7.1.0 is out.


  wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/v7.1.0/requirements.txt" -O requirements.txt
  pip install -r ./requirements.txt --user git+https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap.git@v7.1.0

The most important change is the removal of the status_backend configuration
option and that's why we're moving to v7.1.0.

There are other small bug fixes and improvements. However, the codebase didn't
change much since v7.0.14.

# Authors

- Nicolas Sebrecht (6)
- benutzer193 (4)
- Ilias Tsitsimpis (1)

# Fixes

- doc: Fix typo in offlineimap.1 man page. [Ilias Tsitsimpis]
- README: we moved to imaplib2 v2.57. [Nicolas Sebrecht]
- README: mark porting to py3 as stalled. [Nicolas Sebrecht]
- folder: UIDMaps: ignore KeyError failure while removing keys. [Nicolas Sebrecht]

# Changes

- Remove support for the status_backend configuration option. [Nicolas Sebrecht]
- folder/IMAP: improve handling of "matchinguids" error while searching headers. [Nicolas Sebrecht]
- Adjust README to systemd service file changes. [benutzer193]
- Remove oneshot switch from systemd services. [benutzer193]
- Use oneshot services for systemd timers. [benutzer193]
- Create systemd oneshot services. [benutzer193]
- website-doc.sh: versions.yml: set versions in order. [Nicolas Sebrecht]

Nicolas Sebrecht

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