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Wed Feb 22 09:41:12 GMT 2017

Hi Offlineimap Team,

Hope you are doing best at your side

Each site has the aim to generate traffic flows. So, a business owner
should make sure that their digital marketing campaign creates mostly
targeted traffic. If you have a huge number of visitors flocking to your
site regularly basis but no one of them ever changes into sales, then
surely your site is accruing some worthless statistics that wouldn’t
benefit your business in any way.

While checking your site, our technical teams detected some major flaws in
your site. These technical flaws should be rectified or else your site
cannot reach that top position in the list of Google rank.

Having all these facts taken care of you will have the capacity to increase
better traffic flows.

After review, our professionals listed out some of the technical bugs that
should be updated:

-Unique and original contents

-Update your site with latest trends of business

-Select some relevant keywords and make your existence stronger

-Call-to-action methods for clients to convert them into sales and leads

-Fixing all errors on a daily basis to make site more adaptable

Our experienced technical team implements all the advanced strategy that
conveys our clients to accomplish their key objectives and make their site
visible on the Google first page.

Join us and send us your email or contacts details. We will call you at
your preferable time.

*Phillip Black*Site Analyst /Digital Marketing
Tel: USA (813) 708-8643
*Skype*: rank.high

Ps: If you do not want such emails ask us to “REMOVE”.

This e-mail is an initiative to let you know about your website performance
through our Marketing ID. Once you revert us back, we will start
communicating with you from our Corporate ID.
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