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Cameron Simpson cs at
Sun Jan 29 08:13:20 GMT 2017

On 29Jan2017 08:43, J <offlineimap at> wrote:
>On 17-01-29 15:15:35, Cameron Simpson wrote:
>> On 28Jan2017 12:54, J <mailinglists at> wrote:
>> > wanted to add the following small explanation to the backup section:
>> > ZFS [...]
>> > #########
>> > #!/usr/bin/env bash
>> Please, just:
>>  #!/bin/sh
>> There's nothing there that needs bash, and _all_ UNIX systems have a
>> /bin/sh.  Portable.
>I did just fix the header without looking at the real script part,
>but i tried changing to sh, and it breaks;
>it could probably be fixed with a rewrite of the case statements in

Could you send me the whole script and a transcript of the error message? Also, 
what's you? test platform. If I've made an unwarranted assertion here I should 
test it and either adjust the script or accept fault.

Thank you,
Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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