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Tue Mar 7 11:32:52 GMT 2017

Nice Idea

> As far as i know, mutt doesn't support POP at all, only IMAP. I personally have
> made a different approach for this problem:
> * Set up a completely new mail account
> * register to some high frequent mailinglist (e.g. debian-users) to gain
>   some traffic.
> * set up mutt and your mail downloading tools to use as you would use your
>   normal config.
> That way, you can test your complete setup with real data(you can even
> test your settings for sending mails, as you can simply reply to the
> mailinglist) - even if it ends up in a total chaos, you won't loose
> important mails and even more importantly you can be sure that
> everything works as expected if you change your config. 
thanks, i will copy that into an offlineimap test setup

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