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Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Sun Mar 12 23:15:39 GMT 2017

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On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 02:32:27PM -0400, Don Bivens wrote:

>    I have what might be an odd scenario as I have not found a solution
>    elsewhere.  I am using the iRedMail product distro (uses IMAP on mySQL) to
>    backup an Exchange installation...or I'm trying to.  What I would like to
>    accomplish is having a real time database of all sent/received emails. 
>    That's easy enough and I've already got that working.  What is a bit more
>    challenging is trying to maintain the end-user's folder structure.

>    The company uses folders extensively to track email for project-based
>    work.  An email will come in from user at companyA.com and the end user will
>    move that email from Inbox to FolderA and so on.  The reason this is
>    important is for future tracking.  If they have deleted all of ProjectA
>    from their Exchange message store, intentionally or otherwise, they find
>    it easiest to search based on these folder names (as opposed to using some
>    kind of SQL search criteria).

>    So now I'm using forwards at the SMTP level to send all in/out emails from
>    Exchange to iRedMail (using postfix as SMTP).  Obviously this doesn't do
>    anything with IMAP folders.  That's how found offlineimap.  If I could run
>    perpetual imapsync jobs (and exclude deletions) then every time the end
>    user moved an email from Inbox to ProjectA the change would sync to my
>    backing email store in iRedMail and deletions would be ignored and then
>    we'd retain all emails perpetually.

Might work if you own the credentials of the users (very poor practice).

Why don't you follow the editor's recommendations?


This really sounds like a question for Microsoft on how to
backup/restore mailboxes in a per-user basis.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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