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Jethro Tull heavytull at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 17 18:47:30 GMT 2017

On Fri, 17 Mar, 2017, 18:42:25 +0100, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
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> On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 01:44:37PM +0000, Jethro Tull wrote:
> >    For testing my config I tried to sync the 'sent' "folder" of a gmail box
> >    to
> >    update a copy of my actual local copy so that if it fails it doesn't mess
> >    it
> >    up.
> Not clear to me.
what not clear? I have a copy of my emails locally on my hard
drive. Since it might not contain everything, e.g. new things I wanted to
update it. But since this is for testing offlineimap I preferred to make a
copy of this copy and try offlineimap on it. Is it clear now?

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> Offlineimap can't work properly if you donwload/upload emails behind its
> back.
then I have to manage to make offlineimap work faster because right now the
download speed is ~ 4 KiB/s and upload ~ 140 KiB/s. It looks like it will
take hours to complete its job, that's why I preferred to come here for
> -- Nicolas Sebrecht
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