Sync fails with offlineimap-7.1.0

Josiah Schwab jschwab at
Mon May 1 22:09:34 BST 2017

Hi Andreas,

> Traceback:
>   File "/usr/lib64/python3.4/site-packages/offlineimap/", line 281, in syncrunner
>     self.__sync()
> I tried downgrading to 7.0.14 again, but I get the same error with that version now. I
> have no clue what happened here. I did a system update today, so it can also be a python
> package that offlineimap depends on (most probably this is the root cause, because 7.0.14
> does not work now).
> Any hints where to look first?

It is possible that the system upgrade changed your python version from
python 2.7 to python 3.4?  Something along those lines seems a potential
culprit, as it would explain why 7.0.14 is also broken for you.

Python3 support is experimental and there are known issues.

Hope that helps,

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