moving mails between directories does not work

Jan Knížek jk at
Sat Nov 4 14:32:57 GMT 2017

Hi all,

I have been succesfully using offlineimap, but I got a new e-mail provider.
Synchronization works, but only as long as I do not move an e-mail from one
directory to another. Then I get the well-know error Connection aborted.

I think it used to work for a different mailbox at the same provider, but I am
not sure. My local mailboxes are stored in maildir. I use Mutt for moving

There's written in F.A.Q. that offlineimap is able to track messages even if
one of the parts does not provide enough information to track them. Hence I
assume both mutt and my provider must be doing something wrong. Mutt has mostly
default settings.  Is there anything I change in mutt?

I can't change the settings of the provider.  It's if someone by any
chance has tackled it.


Jan Knížek

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