Fwd: Re: <DKIM> moving mails between directories does not work

Jan Knížek jk at janknizek.cz
Sun Nov 5 14:28:28 GMT 2017

>Please, upgrade to v7.1.4.

Oh, it got to the repositories today. Done.
>Does offlineimap stuck with the error on next run?
Yes, still getting connection closed while syncing mbox.

>Is there any more uploaded emails in the mbox maildir when offlineimap
>is run more than once?

Yes, every sync one copy of the problematic e-mail appears on both server and

>> [general] accounts = h.knizek maxconnections=1 maxsyncaccounts=1
>maxconnections goes in the remote section.

Oh, ok. However, the problem remains the same.

I've noticed that offlineimap is trying to copy message with UID -1, is it a
correct UID?

Is there any more log/debug info I can provide?

Thank you for your time.



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