<DKIM> Fwd: Re: <DKIM> moving mails between directories does not work

Jan Knížek jk at janknizek.cz
Sun Nov 5 21:25:46 GMT 2017

>I'm not sure to get this. If you have emails A, B and C:
>  local mbox   <--------------->   IMAP mbox
>  A, B, C                          none
>On next run, what do you get?

Ok, the situations is as follows:

       local    <----------->      remote
mbox   empty   successful  sync    empty
INBOX  A                           A

Then I locally move A from INBOX to mbox. The A appears in remote mbox after
sync even though the sync itself is unsuccessful.

       local    <---->      remote
mbox   A      failed        A
INBOX  empty                empty

After the next sync which fails again:

       local    <---->      remote
mbox   A, A     failed      A, A
INBOX  empty                empty

Every next sync makes one more copy in both local and remote storage. I've
looked into the mails and all As (in local mbox) but the first one contains

X-offlineIMAP: some number with a dash

The first one lacks this header. I guess that's why it's being copied over and
over. I've looked into other local dirs and the e-mails there (with few
exceptions) does not contain this header.

Jan Knížek

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