<DKIM> Re: <DKIM> Re: <DKIM> Fwd: Re: <DKIM> moving mails between directories does not work

Jan Knížek jk at janknizek.cz
Mon Nov 6 15:08:22 GMT 2017

>Yes, it is. Could you check if UIDPLUS appears in the capabilities with
>'offlineimap --info'?

Not for this server:

> Remote repository 'h.knizek-remote': type 'IMAP'
> Host: imap.seznam.cz Port: None SSL: True
> Establishing connection to imap.seznam.cz:993 (h.knizek-remote)
> Server welcome string: * OK Seznam IMAP server ready
> Server capabilities: ('XLIST', 'IMAP4REV1', 'AUTH=PLAIN', 'CHILDREN', 'SORT', 'I18NLEVEL=1')

Jan Knížek

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