<DKIM> Re: moving mails between directories does not work

Jan Knížek jk at janknizek.cz
Tue Nov 7 12:54:47 GMT 2017

>I'll improve the logs. The current reports are not good enough to figure
>what's happening. For now, we wrongly let the user think that the APPEND
>failed while it likely worked.

>I'll see if I can improve the behaviour of offlineimap to recover from
>this. I'm not sure I'll have the time to try making offlineimap support
>a non-IMAP-compliant provider. This would require you to test patches,

I had no idea they're not IMAP-compliant. In that case I'm going to ask them. I
don't expect offlineimap to work under such conditions.

Thank you for your time.


Jan Knížek

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