Nayla Al Khaja naylaalkhaja05 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 02:31:35 GMT 2017

Dear My Name Is Nayla Al Khaja

Greetings to you, I know my message will come to you as a surprise but
want you to know that am contacting you for business partnership.

I really wish to have you as my good friend/partner and wishes to hand
over my funds to you for investments on trust. I will like to use this
opportunity to let you know about me, I am Sergeant Nayla Al Khaja
serving in U.S Military Base in

Afghanistan, I have a total sum of $3.5 Million US dollars I wish to
use the funds for investments that is why I seek for your assistance
to be my partner.

I have contacted you in good heart and the main reason why I have
decided to entrust all this funds to you is because I am a military
officer, we are not permitted to transact business that is why I
request that you help me to invest the fund, I want us to use the
total fund for our investment with you while you take control of all
investments. I am offering you 30% share of the total funds, I will be
coming to meet with you later as soon as I have vacation, although I
have more interest on real estate.

Note that the whole process is very simple and we must keep a low
profile at all times and I want all our communications to remain on
emails for now.

I look forward to your reply and co-operation.

Warm Regards,
Please kindly reply to my alternative email address below
khajanaylaal at gmail.com
Nayla Al Khaja

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