read emails are marked as unread when they are moved

Pétùr peturvilj at
Sun Jan 21 22:27:16 GMT 2018

Description of the problem:

1. I open in mutt a new (unread) email.
2. While this email is open, I delete it (with "d").
3. When I reopen mutt (or press "$") I have one new unread email in trash.

if I press refresh ("$") after the opening of the email and before
deleting it, the email is correctly added to trash as read. Refreshing
remove the "N" flag.

The same problem applied to any folder (my archive folder for example).

Do someone have encountered the same issue and figure out a solution?


P-S : I suppose it is not a specific offlineimap problem but I guess
here is a good place to find a solution. I didn't have this problem
before using offlineimap (I suppose remote IMAP server handle
differently the mark as read action).

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