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Pétùr peturvilj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 10:11:05 GMT 2018

On 22/01/18 10:55, Pétùr wrote:

>Here is the solution I set up for sync-to-disk *before* and after
>archive and delete:

Little error in the two provided commands. I correct for futher use
(BTW, do not forget to change folders):

macro index,pager a <sync-mailbox>":set confirmappend=no delete=yes\n<save-message>=Petur/Archives\n<sync-mailbox>:set confirmappend=yes delete=yes\n"

bind index,pager d noop
macro index,pager d <sync-mailbox>":set confirmappend=no
confirmappend=no delete=yes\n" "copy message to the trash"

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