Gmail bak folder?

Mathias Korber mathias at
Tue Jan 23 06:04:35 GMT 2018


I found where 'bak' comes from. the config I used (which I found online) has

nametrans = lambda foldername: re.sub ('^\[gmail\]', 'bak',
                               re.sub ('sent_mail', 'sent',
                               re.sub ('starred', 'flagged',
                               re.sub (' ', '_', foldername.lower()))))

duh. I should read for content :-)

Anyway, that still leaves the question: what are those 'gmail/*' folders
(which get translated to 'bak')? Are they necessary or a duplication
of mail due to them containing a link to the message based on a flags?

I don't care about updating Gmail for the time being. all I want it to
mirror what is there for backup purposes.

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