Re: <DKIM> Access mailbox from multiple devices – share offlineimap metadata folder with ownCloud?

Jorge jorge+list at
Thu Mar 29 17:15:23 BST 2018

March 28, 2018 7:51 PM, "Nicolas Sebrecht" <nicolas.s-dev at> wrote:
> If devices are updated via IMAP then there's no need for owncloud at
> all. Using both IMAP and owncloud will be a mess for sure.
> If one device is not synced via IMAP then the maildirs for this device
> can be synced via owncloud.
> IOW, you should choose between IMAP and owncloud but not both. Only one
> device can be connected to both IMAP and owncloud so it can update
> owncloud. This device is used as a gateway.
> I've never heard of somebody running on a setup like that. I'm curious
> how workable this can be in your day to day life and how reliable this
> proves to be.

Sharing via ownCloud the OfflineIMAP maildir and the notmuch database should be
useful to have full email functionality (including Emacs interface and notmuch
tags) in any GNU/Linux device with a keyboard.  Don’t you think it’s relevant?
Now I thought, since I rarely access work e-mail from home at all, maybe I
should keep its maildir out of ownCloud, and when I need to access work email
from home I should just use the webmail.  So only the personal account (Disroot)
maildir would be kept in ownCloud.  And since I can't access external IMAP at
work, I would not share the OfflineIMAP metadata; I would only share the
OfflineIMAP maildir and the notmuch database.  What do you two think?  Note that
the maildir (shared via ownCloud) would not be used strictly read-only from
work, because notmuch would sometimes change it to synchronize tag changes.
Custom notmuch tags are not synchronized with standard maildir, but a few
standard tags are.  I find this functionality very useful and have kept it
enabled (the default).  The comments in the notmuch configuration file:

> #	synchronize_flags      Valid values are true and false.
> #
> #	If true, then the following maildir flags (in message filenames)
> #	will be synchronized with the corresponding notmuch tags:
> #
> #		Flag	Tag
> #		----	-------
> #		D	draft
> #		F	flagged
> #		P	passed
> #		R	replied
> #		S	unread (added when 'S' flag is not present)
> #
> #	The "notmuch new" command will notice flag changes in filenames
> #	and update tags, while the "notmuch tag" and "notmuch restore"
> #	commands will notice tag changes and update flags in filenames

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