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I am Ibrahim Habeeb (Attorney & Consultant) in U.k. Sometimes last year, my chamber was hired to make a Lodgement into a security vault here in U.K. However I recently discovered that the Bank official who hired my service actually diverted the package labelled in your name which I believe was suppose to be delivered or paid to your in your country.
I have already made all necessary inquiry to my satisfaction and am very sure that the fund was a WILL to you by a benefactor. Upon this discovery, i decided to contact you to confirm, and if preferred and agreed can make immediate arrangement of the release of the (FUND) to you as the real beneficiary.
Please do not disclose this to anyone as I did not inform them on my findings before contacting you. I am a good Muslim and can not get involved in an unclean act.
Hope to hear from you. Respond to me via
ibrahimhabeebassociatess at
Dr.Ibrahim Habeeb
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