OfflineIMAP ignores messages in folders with '.' in their name

Jorge jorge+list at
Fri Nov 23 17:36:24 GMT 2018

Hi.  I work at Dataprev (a Brazilian state-owned federal company), and here we
use an email implementation called Expresso 3.0.  I access it via OfflineIMAP
7.2.1 on Debian buster.  Recently I have gained access to a shared folder
hierarchy called "demandas.dica" (with Drafts, Sent and Trash subfolders).  I
then realized the following error message of OfflineIMAP:

> Folder 'user/demandas/dica/Drafts'[Dtp-remote] could not be created. Server responded: ('NO', ['Permission denied'])

OfflineIMAP is probably confused because the folder name includes a dot.
Unfortunately I can't rename it by myself.  So I have tried several OfflineIMAP
configuration changes:

1. ~createfolders = False~ on the remote repository.
  This gets rid of the error message, but doesn't solve the problem because
   OfflineIMAP still does not download any message from the affected folders.
2. ~nametrans = lambda fname: fname.replace('demandas.dica', 'demandas+dica')~
   Equivalent result, except of course for the name translation itself.

Can you help me?  I have already spent hours on trial and error and web
searching.  I also searched this list as far as I could.


- I am Brazilian.  I hope my English is correct and I welcome feedback
- Please adopt free formats like PDF, ODF, Org, LaTeX, Opus, WebM and 7z
- Free/libre software for Android:
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