alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Wed Dec 11 14:39:12 GMT 2019


I'm trying to send mail using notmuch, and when the mail is added 
to my
.Sent folder, I get an error when it is synchronized with the 

Folder .Sent [remote name Sent] [acc: zimbra]:
 Syncing Sent: IMAP -> Maildir
Folder .Sent [remote name Sent] [acc: zimbra]:
 Copy message UID -1 (1/1) Local:.Sent -> Remote:Sent
Folder .Sent [remote name Sent] [acc: zimbra]:
 Adding flag D to 1 messages on Sent
 ERROR: while syncing .Sent [account zimbra]
  Error with store: UID STORE failed

What is the flag D that cannot be set on the server?


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