ERROR: Account Jorge-Disroot: no folder to sync (folderfilter issue?)

Jorge P. de Morais Neto jorge+list at
Tue Dec 17 12:15:00 GMT 2019

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When I try to synchronize with OfflineIMAP version 7.3.1, I never
succeed.  I get the error message "ERROR: Account Jorge-Disroot: no
folder to sync (folderfilter issue?)".

I then downgraded to OfflineIMAP 7.3.0 and it worked.  Can you please
help me make version 7.3.1 work?  I have attached the output -- recorded
with script(1) -- of OfflineIMAP 7.3.1, first with `offlineimap --info`,
then with `òfflineimap -o -d imap`.  The output of `offlineimap --info`
for 7.3.0 is identical except for the version string.  The output of
`offlineimap -o -d imap` for 7.3.0 is ≃ 3MiB big, and even after
compressing with `xz -9ev` it is 120KB, so I have not attached it here.
If you need it, please tell me so I can send you via private email, via
Nextcloud or some other means.

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