<DKIM> [PATCH] Pass relevant maildir filenames to newmail_hook

gwn dev at gwn.wtf
Thu Jul 18 17:36:21 BST 2019

Hi Nicolas, thanks for the reply.

> This patch changes the purpose of the newmail_hook so I don't think we
> should apply it to the mainline.

What's the purpose of the newmail_hook :) In my opinion hooks are
generic mechanisms and everyone can have different purposes for
them. In any case I don't feel passing new mails into a new mail
hook is an unreasonable change. But I'm just a new user, please
feel free to enlighten me further..

I'm completely fine with this not going into the mainline. It
can't go in this form anyway as it's a breaking change.

But as far as I understand, you don't have any other suggestions
to help me accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish, do you? I'm
even fine with parsing the output of offlineimap if I can build
the relevant maildir filenames somehow..

>May I add this patch as is in the repository for other users?

Do you mean the contrib directory? Not sure if I know the meaning
of "repository for other users". In any case, sure, I'm fine with

Thanks for your time.
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