[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v7.3.3 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Sat Apr 11 00:24:01 BST 2020

OfflineIMAP v7.3.3 is out.


  wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/v7.3.3/requirements.txt" -O requirements.txt
  pip install -r ./requirements.txt --user git+https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap.git@v7.3.3

Here is a small release after nearly 4 months of slow moves. Still, the patches
are very usefull for some use cases. Thanks to the contributors!

This release was tested by:

- Nicolas Sebrecht

# Authors

- Chris Coleman (1)
- Frank LENORMAND (1)
- Herton R. Krzesinski (1)
- martin f. krafft (1)

# Features

- export env. variables when running account hooks. [Frank LENORMAND]

# Fixes

- Fix stale gss api authentication security context. [Herton R. Krzesinski]
- Handle [ALREADYEXISTS] and Mailbox already exists!. [Chris Coleman]

# Changes

- exec() the tunnel command. [martin f. krafft]

Nicolas Sebrecht

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