Python 2 EOL

Nicolas Bock nicolasbock at
Thu Jan 9 02:56:43 GMT 2020

On Wed, Jan 08 2020, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Hi Nick,
>> [1]
> I am not using it with gmail, since my company gmail account is locked
> down from the company to a level that I cannot use it, and my private
> gmail is forwarded to my own mail server. I don't want google to keep
> all my emails ;-)
> So, for me and normal email servers (but gmail) it is working very well.

Thanks for the info. I found it to work great for normal
IMAP servers too, but I am still using Gmail :) Offlineimap
has been working great there, but the distro I am using is
phasing out Python 2 very aggressively. Oh well...

> Best
> Norbert

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