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We went through your website and got to know few key points, which needs
your attention on priority. This might seem irrelevant now; but believe me
with recent updates from Google, we think you are losing out the most.

Your website traffic trend analysis clearly states you are not competing
well with others, because of some strategic flaws.

Here are some points where your website needs immediate attention:

·     Low online presence for major competitive keywords or, phrases.

·     The website is not responsive for major browsers and devices.

·     Technical errors that restrict your website from search engine

·     Lack of theme based quality back links.

·     Social media updates are don’t have adequate followers.

What we can do for you?

Our certified Google Analytics professional understand all recent
Algorithmic updates. We will prepare an advanced digital marketing campaign
to generate maximum traffic and boost your search engine ranking.

This e-mail provides you with a glimpse of information. If you have any
queries about our services then kindly contact us back for a free website
audit report.

Interested! Please get in touch with us on following co-ordinates.

*Best Regards,*

*Brian Adams*

*Marketing Consultant*


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