Outlook.office365 with 2FA via Firefox cookies

Bruno brunoce at kolabnow.com
Sat Jan 23 14:46:58 GMT 2021

Dear offlineimap team.

I have just posted a question on stack overflow that is more of an opportunity to evolve the tool than a question per se. I hope someone gets interested in it.

Thank you very much for the wonderful tool! Here it goes:


How can we use offlineimap to sync our corporate email account that sits on outlook.office365.com, when its authentication asks for a two-factor authentication (2FA) that is a Symantec VIP Access one?

I guess we could open a valid session by authenticating in firefox, and then offlineimap could use the token that is stored in firefox cookie. Does it make sense? I guess this would need some upgrading in offlineimap, and we could re-do something from another python project that makes use of session tokens from firefox cookies. Do you remember any?

Does these code snippets help?




Thank you very much in advance for contributions on this challenge.

Kind regards,

Bruno Schroeder

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