W i n n e r

Missouri m.sileoni at alice.it
Fri Mar 18 08:12:42 GMT 2022

A t t n :offlineimap-project at lists.alioth.debian.org,

We'd like to inform you that your email address offlineimap-project at lists.alioth.debian.org has won Five million
nine h u n d r e d thousand( USD5.9 M i l l i o n ) on the latest MO Lottery online
lottery games in Missouri, USA.

This lottery was organized and played with the automatic online voting
system "FAI". Fortunately, your email address has been selected as one
of the free online lottery winners.

For further confirmations, please visit the La Loterie Mo website
below to confirm your lottery date and number. Upon confirmation of
the lottery in which you were selected as one of the lucky winners of
the year. You can then contact the Mo Lottery Agent / R e p r e s e n t a t i v e
in UNITED STATES, to c l a i m your lottery.

please visit the website below to confirm your lottery (h t t p s://www.lotteryusa.com/missouri/lotto/year)

Draw date. Wednesday, Sep 01, 2021
W i n n i n g number: 2 12 18 21 29 32
F I L E R E F NO: ILP/HW -7506172/20
R E F E R E N C E NO: 7506172/20
B A T C H NO: 0564909/19
In order to receive your lottery, it is recommended that you contact our
immediately to officially approve your lottery.

If you didn’t get our confirmation, please help to check your SPAM folder first. Because it often happens when we reply to the first E-mail. Thanks!

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