[Openstack-devel] New Debconf template for the nova source package

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Jun 19 07:38:30 UTC 2012

Hi Bubule and the others,

I have added new templates for nova. I just uploaded nova_2012.1-7,
including the following new template (from

Template: nova-compute-xen/xenapi_url
Type: string
Default: https://my-dom0.example.com
_Description: Address of the XenAPI dom0:
 Nova Compute Xen needs to know the address of the server running
XenAPI. This
 can be a server running XenServer, the Citrix CentOS XCP appliance
 from Citrix ISO image, or even a Debian server running Xen Cloud Platform
 (XCP / Kronos project), which is available directly in Debian under the
 package name xcp-xapi. You can enter an IP address or a fully qualified
 name if it resolves correctly.

Template: nova-compute-xen/xenapi_username
Type: string
Default: root
_Description: Username to connect to XenAPI:
 Please enter the username used to connect to your XenAPI (XCP server).

Template: nova-compute-xen/xenapi_password
Type: password
_Description: Password to connect to XenAPI:
 Please enter the password used to connect to your XenAPI (XCP server).

It'd be cool to have it review by the l10n-english and then translated.
Sorry that this comes after some translators already did the work, but
this really had to be done so that one can preseed values and makes the
install process fully automated. Also, I'm not sure if we need that much
information on the first message (eg: maybe only having "Please enter
the address of your XenAPI server." may be enough).

By the way, we use dbconfig-common, to generate something like this
(from our postinst):

case "$dbc_dbtype" in
 [ -n "$dbc_dbport" ] && dbport=:$dbc_dbport
  [ -n "$dbc_dbport" ] && dbport=:$dbc_dbport
sed -e "s,^[- \t]*sql_connection=.\+,sql_connection=$SQL_CONNECTION," -i

I'm worried that if a user edits /etc/nova/nova.conf, then our
nova-common.config will not pickup new values. So I was wondering, do
you know how I can preseed dbconfig-common, after parsing our nova.conf
file? Pointers would be appreciated so that we can make the package
policy compliant.



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