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Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring OpenStack based systems
 This package provides various plugins for Nagios compatible monitoring
 systems like Nagios and Icinga.
 It contains the following plugins:
   * check_keystone (1.0): Check that OpenStack Identity service (Keystone)
     works correctly by getting a token from it, and checking that services
     have a publicURL declared.
   * check_swift_object_servers (1.0): uses swift-recon to query all clusters
     servers and ensure they all have the same copy of the object ring.
   * check_swift_dispersion (1.0): uses swift-dispersion tools to report
     dispersion analysis and checks that all copies of objects are OK.
   * check_swift (1.0): tries to upload, download and delete a file in a Swift
     container to check that it works correctly.
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nagios-plugins-openstack (1.20120627-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #675031).

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