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Plugins for Munin compatible monitoring OpenStack based systems
 This package provides various plugins for Munin.
 It contains the following plugins:
   * glance_size_ : Plugin to monitor used size of a tenant in glance
   * glance_status : Plugin to monitor status og glance images
   * keystone_stats : Plugin to monitor status of Keystone
   * nova_floating_ips : Plugin to monitor status of Floating IPs in Nova
   * nova_instance_ : Plugin to monitor instances by vm_state, vcpus,
     task_state, root_gb, ephemeral_gb, power_state, memory_mb, instance_type_id
   * nova_instance_launched : Plugin to monitor instances launched from
     beginning of time
   * nova_instance_timing : Plugin to monitor trending of launch/schedule
     times for last 5 successful instances
   * nova_services : Plugin to report service status
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munin-plugins-openstack (1.20120627-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #679191).

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