[Openstack-devel] Update of python-waitress in Sid

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Oct 2 18:15:44 UTC 2013

Hi Andrew,

Because I'm packaging OpenStack, I need ASAP a new version of
python-webtest (the new version of OpenStack will be released on the
17th of this month, and I'd like to have everything in Sid).
python-webtest needs a new version of python-waitress. Would you be able
to upload a new upstream version of python-waitress soon? If not, would
you allow me to NMU the package to make it up-to-date?

Let me know,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: It'd be nice to put your package into a git in collab-maint or
anything like this, and allow others to contribute as a team.

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