[Openstack-devel] Bug#725406: Bug#725406: FTBFS: build-depend on unavailable python2.6-dev

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sat Oct 5 16:11:44 UTC 2013

On 10/05/2013 07:16 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Package: python-falcon
> Version: 0.1.7-2
> Severity: serious
> Justification: FTBFS
> Hello,
> python2.6-dev is no more in sid, python-falcon thus now FTBFS since it
> build-depends on it.
> Samuel

Hi Samuel,

In fact, I wrote:

Build-Depends: python2.6-dev | python-dev (>= 2.7.3), python2.7-dev |
python-dev (>= 2.7.3)

so there really is python-dev (>= 2.7.3) available in Sid, and the
build-depends should be satisfied. However, the buildd only consider the
first dependency, and then fails. The problem is in fact located in
sbuild, which is a bit too stupid here.

The reason why I wrote things this way, is because I need the package to
be able to build correctly as well in Wheezy using my Jenkins machines
(they use cowbuilder), for backporting. I thought that sbuild was
smarter than cowbuilder, but it seems it isn't the case. Do you have any
suggestion on how to do it properly (of course, without having to have
differences in debian/control in Sid and Wheezy)?

By the way, I do think that sbuild or cowbuilder should be fixed.
Probably this would be a topic to raise more widely in -devel?

Your thoughts?



P.S: I will of course rebuild and upload using python-dev only as
build-depends, though I would very much like to find a satisfying solution.

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