[Openstack-devel] Bug#725528: Bug#725528: python-neutronclient: FTBFS: Tests failed

David Suárez david.sephirot at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 20:15:18 UTC 2013


> Hi,
> This package has been built with an outdated version of python-cliff,
> which needs pyparsing==1.5.7. If both python-cliff and pyparsing are
> updated correctly (eg: pyparsing 2.0.1 and python-cliff 1.4.5), then
> there's no problem. If you really rebuilt under Sid on the 6th of
> October, like your bug report claims, then you should have had the
> correct version of both. I don't understand why this isn't the case.

The rebuild was done between 5-6 of october (fullarchive rebuild takes one 
day). The list of packages and they corresponding versions was generated on 
5th. Therefore, my fault.


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