[PKG-Openstack-devel] Hypervisor for Openstack?

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Mon May 30 15:10:16 UTC 2016

On May 30, 2016, at 3:14 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

>> Is there a reason why? Starting a VM is (should be) just "a simple API
>> call".. ?
> Deploying a cloud with a single compute would be silly (because really,
> not needed, you could manage easier with only virtualization). If you
> build multiple compute, then it makes sense to have them specialized in
> one type of hypervisor.

That I don't understand.. If a compute could be fully utilized and not
"run empty", that is more saved electricity and cooling..

And specialized? Nova already know how to do all that, it already have
all the code necessary. It will be no more "specialized" one way or
the other..

But that's besides the point, I accept the limitation. Not your fault :)
I'll figure it out somehow.

>> Talking about Docker, I do see it referenced in the Nova code,
>> but I'm unsure what that means.. Does Docker work with Openstack,
> As much as I know, the Docker plugin has been abandoned.

Is there a compatibility matrix that's actually up-to-date and reflect
the current reality?

> In what way? KVM has even more feature than VBox or VMWare…

I find that hard to believe, but it's also not really relevant.
KVM will do what I need it to do just fine, so I'm perfectly
happy with that. I would do it ten years ago, but VB was just
so much easier and smarter than KVM at the time. If KVM have
caught up (and surpassed), that's even better!

So if LXC isn't really supported and neither is Docker, what other
container system is there that OS supports?

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