[PKG-Openstack-devel] Bug#835177: aodh: FTBFS with eatmydata (build hangs)

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Thu Oct 13 11:37:52 UTC 2016

found 835177 3.0.0-2

On Mon, 10 Oct 2016, Thomas Goirand wrote:

> I have uploaded what I believe is a fix for #835177. Though as I am not
> sure how to reproduce your build env, it'd be really nice if you could
> try to build aodh 3.0.0-2 and check that the bug is really closed.
> If that is the case (that my change fixes the FTBFS of aodh in your
> env), then I will apply the same kind of fix for #835178 and #835179.
> Thanks a lot if you can help here,

Ok, now that all the build-depends are finally in unstable, I tried
again. I have triggered two different builds, one with eatmydata, and
another one without it.

The build without eatmydata finished successfully in 6 minutes.

The build with eatmydata is stuck at this point:

set -e ; \
        TEMP_REZ=`mktemp -t` ; \
        bash -x ./debian/setup-test-env-mongodb.sh testr run --subunit --parallel 'aodh\.tests\.unit\.(?!(.*test_bin.*|.*test_messaging\.MessagingTests\.test_get_transport_optional.*))' | tee $TEMP_REZ | subunit2pyunit ; \
        cat $TEMP_REZ | subunit-filter -s --no-passthrough | subunit-stats ; \
        rm -f $TEMP_REZ ;
+ set -e
++ mktemp -d /tmp/AODH-MONGODB-XXXXX
+ MONGO_PORT=29000
+ mkfifo /tmp/AODH-MONGODB-lZXDc/out
+ MONGO_PID=16886
+ wait_for_line 'waiting for connections on port 29000' /tmp/AODH-MONGODB-lZXDc/out
+ mongod --maxConns 32 --nojournal --noprealloc --smallfiles --quiet --noauth --port 29000 --dbpath /tmp/AODH-MONGODB-lZXDc --bind_ip localhost --config /dev/null
+ read line

I don't know what you did to try to fix this, but apparently it didn't
work, so I'm reopening this (wishlist) bug, and I hope you are still
willing to make this package compatible with eatmydata.

Thanks a lot.

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