[PKG-Openstack-devel] more steps toward Ocata packages

Allison Randal allison at lohutok.net
Fri Feb 24 02:05:33 UTC 2017

This aggregates a couple days more work. It's longish again. I'll
streamline all this information down to updates on various doc pages,
but I figure it's useful to share the more detailed versions as I go.
(It's also a good chance to get feedback and corrections from the team
before I update the more permanent docs.)

So, in the big picture view, the task ahead of us is to tick through and
update this list of packages:


There are two types of Debian packages we need to cover, the ones that
are directly part of the Ocata OpenStack release, and general Python
module dependencies which aren't part of the release, but may need to be
updated for compatibility with Ocata. Ocata does increase the minimum
version required on some dependencies, see:


And for a generated list of the versions of Python libraries that have
been tested:


We have a pretty good reference on all the versions we're going to need
for a full update, since Ubuntu is just about to release their Ocata
package set:


Infra Setup

There are a few pieces that need to be configured/set up before we can
start packaging a new release of OpenStack. The first is that we need to
set up the Debian package archive mirrors, for example 'jessie-newton'
and 'jessie-newton-backports' at


The configuration for this requires submitting a Gerrit review of a
change to file:


At the very end of the file under "Debian OpenStack Packages", there's a
list of "releases". Add the new release archive name to the list, such
as 'jessie-ocata'. It isn't necessary to make an entry for the
'-backports' archive, the system automatically adds that. An example patch:


Once the Infra team merges the patch, a cron job will kick off to run
reprepro and initialize the Debian package archives for the new release.

After the archive top-level directories appear, the next step is to
create a version of openstack-pkg-tools for the release. First create a
new branch debian/ocata, following the same steps as in the regular
package workflow below.

Update the .gitreview file so 'defaultbranch' points to debian/ocata.
Then update the following files to change 'newton' to 'ocata':


Add a debian/changelog entry for the new release of openstack-pkg-tools.
An example patch:


(Note: This patch should not be merged until the archive directories for
jessie-ocata and jessie-ocata-backports are created.)


Every "deb-" repository needs a debian/ocata branch created. This can be
done through the Gerrit web interface, for example for the deb-nova repo


The "Branch Name" is debian/ocata, and the "Initial Revision" is
debian/newton, creating the new packaging branch off the packaging
branch for the previous OpenStack release.

(See the docs at:

Update the .gitreview file in the new branch so 'defaultbranch' points
to the name of the new branch.

[Pausing there for now, more tomorrow.]


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