[PKG-Openstack-devel] Repositories layout, auto-backports, tempest

Ondrej Novy novy at ondrej.org
Sun Feb 26 16:13:47 UTC 2017


I would like to add more information about current state of Openstack
packaging in OS infra.

Every deb-* repo have debian/<os-release> branch. So our repository layout
is os-release based, not Debian-release based.

I think reason for this is simple. Thomas want to have Debian repository
for all supported OS releases (Mitaka, Newton and Ocata now), which
contains packages for current Debian stable (Jessie). So one repository for
Mitaka, one for Newton and one for Ocata. Debian stable user can choose
which OS release want to deploy and have "support" for it.

Because we are supporting older OS releases for Debian stable, we need to
have older (supported) versions of our dependencies. This is solved by
auto-backports. If we need package, which is dependency of our packages and
this dependency is not managed in OS-team, we can backport package from
unstable to our auto-backports repository. This repository is branched too,
so we can have (for example) older SQL Alchemy for Newton and newer for

In reality, we have two Debian repositories per OS release. One for
auto-backports (jessie-newton-backports), and one for our packages
(jessie-newton). This two repositories together allows you to have that OS
release installed on current stable/Jessie.

Before migration to OS infra, there was Jenkins which ran tempest. Tempest
is whole-openstack-test thing. It tests all OS projects, cooperation,
comunication of them, etc. So test if Openstack works as monolith. Thomas
wanted to have same job runs on this pairs of repositories, but i think
this wasn't done.

Best regards
 Ondřej Nový

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