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Ondrej Novy novy at ondrej.org
Thu Sep 14 09:33:09 UTC 2017


2017-09-13 23:08 GMT+02:00 Thomas Goirand <zigo at debian.org>:

> The recommendations from the DPMT don't overrides those from the FTP
> master team.

you are right, it doesn't override. But any refs to ML with this
recommendations? And what is recommendation exactly?

> Besides this, if moving packages to the DPMT means forcing
> the install of some Python3 for some packages, when the full stack isn't
> ready (meaning running on a dual python 2 and 3 stack), then we should
> hold moving stuff to DPMT. (I'm tempted to also write "we already talked
> about this at Debconf... :) )

but let's talk about jsonpatch package. Does OS needs CLI tool or only
Python module? If only module is needed, there is not difference and we can
respect DPMT recommendation without any change for OS package and without
any change for user.

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