[Parl-user] Greens/EFA 3rd DebianParl Workshop in the EP on 10 July 2014 at 14h00-16h00

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Tue Jul 8 14:41:04 UTC 2014

Hi Max and Liu,

Welcome to DebianParl!

[further comments below the quote]

Quoting Max Andersson (2014-07-08 15:00:02)
> I am new on this list and in the parliament, and I am wondering if 
> anybody has a spare pilot computer they can lend me for the session on 
> thursday?

The pilot laptops are for trusted computing, and therefore strictly 
personal: They should not be lend out.

Erik has a spare laptop borrowed from the EP, with DebianParl installed, 
but it is not tested thoroughly, and I am uncertain if the EP permits 
Erik to lend out that laptop.

For the workshop Thursday you have these options:

 a) Install DebianParl on some other laptop (or borrow Erik's)
 b) Install needed software pieces on top of an existing system
 c) Watch while the rest of us have fun

NB! Any installation/tuning must be done *before* the meeting!

This is the software needed (might work even on Windows or Mac):

  * Thunderbird (email client) - http://www.mozilla.org/thunderbird/
  * GnuPG (crypto tool) - https://www.gnupg.org/download/
  * Enigmail (email crypto plugin) - https://enigmail.net/download/

The guide at https://enigmail.net/documentation/quickstart-ch1.php might 
help, but if uncertain I recommend you to take time to meet with me 
Wednesday afternoon/night to check that the software works properly: 
Reach me by mail or sms (cellphone number is in the email footer).

I can offer to meet Wednesday afternoon/night and help install either 
DebianParl or tools on top of another system.  Reach me by mail or sms 
(cellphone number is in the email footer) if that's relevant.

Looking forward to meet you Thursday - or maybe already Wednesday,

 - Jonas


At last meeting I brought and offered to lend out my prototype laptop 
(I'd then reset the system afterwards).  I did not bring that laptop 
tThis time, however, since I want to travel light when hitch-hiking back 
after the meeting: http://data.jones.dk/2014/bruxelles-07/

 * Jonas Smedegaard - idealist & Internet-arkitekt
 * Tlf.: +45 40843136  Website: http://dr.jones.dk/

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