[parted-devel] [PATCH] Initial btrfs support, only recognize it for now

Otavio Salvador otavio at debian.org
Thu Feb 12 16:00:39 UTC 2009

Luca Bruno <lucab at debian.org> writes:

> Luca Bruno scrisse:
>>     Initial btrfs support, only recognize it for now
>>     Add initial btrfs support to libparted; just discovering
>>     the declared magic entry at the right place to recognize
>>     filesystem type, for the moment.
> As described by commit log, this is the initial effort for btrfs.
> Format was declared stable in 0.18 and code initially merged into linus'
> tree, so it should be safe to start deploying it.
> I hooked this patch together as I was working on gparted, and both seem
> to work[1]. 
> Still much room for improvements and many sharp edges, but I won't
> have time to work on it in the next future, so I'd liked to send it
> as-is.

I fear we'd need a copyright assigment to accept it since it is big enough.

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