[parted-devel] parted crashed on reading DM device without target

Mike Hwang Mike.Hwang at iqstor.com.cn
Fri Feb 13 07:06:16 UTC 2009

Hi Jim,

I found a bug.

In libparted/arch/linux.c:333

        next = dm_get_next_target(dmt, NULL, &start, &length,
                                  &target_type, &params);

        arch_specific->dmtype = strdup(target_type);

Once we have DM name with empty target, 'target_type' will be NULL and
the program will crash at strdup.

FYI: DM device with empty target could be created with command 'dmsetup
create'. Once the command prompt for target input, type ctrl-D

Mike Hwang

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