[Pinfo-devel] pinfo fails to find some info files

Bas Zoetekouw bas at debian.org
Wed May 17 16:27:25 UTC 2006

Hi Steven!

Thanks for your interest in pinfo!

You wrote:

> I'm having a little trouble with pinfo, it doesn't find all the info files 
> that "info" can.
> Most of the info docs are stored in /usr/info. pinfo finds the files that 
> end .info and .info.gz, but quite a number, such as emacs' documentation, 
> simply end .gz.
> So, `info emacs` works, but `pinfo emacs` fails with: 

Ah, this indeed seems like a bug.  I thought the info documents really
needed to end in an .info(.gz) extension.  I'll check how GNU info looks
for info files, exactly.

> Caught signal 11, bye!
> pinfo: crash with: No such file or directory

Yes, the crash is another bug;  pinfo really should fail more gracefully
than this.

> How do I make pinfo see all the documentation, like info does? Is this a bug 
> in pinfo?

For the mean time, you could make symlink the info pages that do not end
in .info to names that do.  In the long term, pinfo probably needs to be
fixed (or emacs etc need to properly name their info pages).

Thanks again for your interest;  I'll try to fix this asap (but I am
finishing my PhD thesis at the moment, so it could take a few weeks).

Kind regards,

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