[Piuparts-devel] Bug#440183: Bug#440183: Bug#440183: Bug#440183: Bug#440183: piuparts: wrongly complains if processes are running inside chroot

Lars Wirzenius liw at iki.fi
Mon Sep 3 09:34:16 UTC 2007

ma, 2007-09-03 kello 11:11 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum kirjoitti:
> Really starting services or running cron scripts might
> allow to find some bugs that wouldn't be found otherwise. 

Yes, of course it's possible. Personally, I don't think there's going to
be very many such bugs, and I don't think it makes sense to make
piuparts even more dangerous to use than it is now (even optionally) to
catch a very small number of bugs.

> If you are the
> maintainer for a package, you obviously know which risks you are taking
> when doing that. 

I don't think that's true, actually. Even maintainers of packages make

> And if you make it mandatory to use virtual machines
> for piuparts, even less maintainers will use piuparts.

So few maintainers seem to be using piuparts anyway that I don't think
that's a consideration.

> The only thing that should be discouraged is running piuparts on random
> packages, on a system that you don't want to trash.

I disagree. I think piuparts should be fixed so that it's safe to use on
random packages anyway.

This discussion is going around in circles. Lucas and I both keep
repeating our arguments. I'm breaking the circle by stopping my
participation in it. I've given my arguments, now those who actually do
the work of maintaining piuparts can decide themselves.

(That also means that you should stop Cc'ing me. It's useless to Cc me
on piuparts bugs anyway, since I get them via the maintainer mailing

Policy is your friend. Trust the Policy. Love the Policy. Obey the

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