[Piuparts-devel] Multiple dist/arch support for piuparts-master.py

John Wright jsw at debian.org
Wed Sep 5 02:22:32 UTC 2007


As you've probably noticed, if you're subscribed to -commits, I've added
support for testing multiple dists and/or architectures with a single
master configuration.  Basically, you can now specify multiple sections
in piuparts-master.conf, each with the appropriate "packages-url" key.
Then, in piuparts-slave.conf, you just append the name of the
configuration you want to the "master-command" setting.  To keep the
piuparts logs separate, the master keeps a separate ['pass', 'fail',
'bugged', ...] hierarchy for each section used.

The implementation is backwards-compatible -- if no section is
specified, "master" is used, and no extra hierarchy is made.

I've tested it on a couple machines locally, and it seems to work as
advertised. :)  Eventually, I'd like to set this up on piatti and
solicit some non-i386 piuparts-slave.py runners.  How does one get an
account on that machine?

I've also added a "keep-sources-list" option for piuparts-slave.conf, to
facilitate testing of dists like testing-proposed-updates, which
aren't really full dists.  In this case, you would generate your own
chroot tarball with a custom sources.list, and specify
"keep-sources-list = yes" so that piuparts won't overwrite that custom

Comments (and especially testing) are welcome!


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