[Piuparts-devel] Your Qualification Numbers: CCF /001/2009/185

Children Charity Foundation info at portalnet.com.br
Sat Aug 22 15:40:23 UTC 2009

From: Vivian Bennett
Executive Director
The Children Charity Foundation
Sun Life Place
10123 - 99 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3H1
Your Qualification Numbers: CCF /001/2009/185

Notification of Cash Aid.
    This is to notify you that you have been selected by the Board of  
Trustees of the above  International charity organization  for a cash  
grant/donation for
Business, Economic, social and Research developments in your community. The
Children Charity Foundation was established since 1965, with the objective of
Human Growth and Community development. In line with anniversary program this
year, The Children Charity in conjunction with the British Council is  
giving out One Hundred Million United States Dollars as specific  
Donations/Grants to 75 lucky international recipients worldwide in  
different categories for Business development and Social upliftment of  
their various communities.
    The Children Charity is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to
raising funds to inspire hope, enrich lives, and build a better future  
for children. Since 1965, The Children Charity has raised more than  
$130 million in support of  children who have special needs. The  
Foundation is the leading children charity in the province when it  
comes to issuing grants to individuals
and families. Last year alone we issued over 1000 individual grants to  
families in need.
    These funds are freely given to enhance your business and  
community development. Based on the random selection exercise of  
millions of Internet and Credit card users worldwide, your email  
address was selected among the lucky recipients to receive the award  
sum of US$3,300,000 (Three Million,Three undred
thousand United States Dollars) as charity donations/aid from the Children
Charity Foundation in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament. Of the
awarded Grant. $ million US Dollars) is earmarked for
community development in your area of operation and  
$1.300.000.00USD(One Million,Three hundred thousand United States  
dollars) will be solely for business upliftment and growth. The  
$1.300.000.00USD is a refundable fund.
    You are required to contact immediately the Account Payment and  
Disbursements Officer, Adams Bell for processing of your grant who are  
presently on officially assignment in UK for the payment of  
beneficiaries .You are to contact him with your Full Names,  
Qualification Numbers (as written above),country and telephone numbers.
The phone number you can reach him in UK is: +447024021389 Email address is:
ddesk.ccfc at hotmail.com
Note: All grants are to be claimed before 5th September 2009.
On behalf of the Board kindly accept our warmest congratulations in advance.
Yours faithfully,
Vivian Bennett
(Executive Director)
CashAid Project

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