[Piuparts-devel] Bug#602409: logrotate test needs to remove logrotate package and its depends too

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Thu Nov 4 16:46:20 UTC 2010

package: piuparts
severity: important
x-debbugs-cc: debian-mentors at lists.debian.org, mats.andersson at gisladisker.se, 566597 at bugs.debian.org

Hi Mats,

On Donnerstag, 4. November 2010, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> I am reading that last logging report, and I must draw this conclusion:
>    * There is no visible command execution that would correspond to
>        # apt-get --purge remove adduser cron libpopt0 logrotate

Yup, thats it. Chroot.check_output_logrotatefiles in line 1086 installs
logrotate, but it's removal is not being taken care of.

>      or rather "dpkg --purge" for each of these individual packages.

Indeed :)

>    * Therefore the corresponding configuration files are still present
>      in the chroot and Piuparts must report a failure due to a non-empty
>      root directory.
> The impression I get is that Piuparts simply forgets to perform a purge
> on packages brought in by dependency from the file content scan. Right?

Yes, right. It's in a bug introduced by fixing #566597 :-)

> Hopefully this will help in further analysis.

Thanks, it was very helpful.

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